Edwin Cordero

Currently he has worked in the Real Estate Industry for more than 2 years and has been acknowledge for his rapid success. Edwin was recognized as The Rookie of the Year for Caribbean Realty 2021 and continues looking to grow exponentially his business.

He had experience in the Property Registry through which he developed knowledge of the important processes in the Real Estate Market in Puerto Rico. As well he is a member of National Association of Realtor.

Edwin has an entrepreneurial mindset. He specializes in properties for investors and luxury market. He is known for handling negotiations with international clients and high net worth individuals.

He has a passion for sports and the different financial markets. He has been a leader in different investment strategy projects and has consulted to small local businesses.

His knowledge of the real estate market, together with his communication skills, fluency in Spanish and English and excellent client service provides him with the tools that are needed for clients when looking to buy or sell the beautiful properties in Puerto Rico.

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