edgar rivera


Edgar Rivera Rodríguez is passionate about enjoying life. He loves the beach, traveling the world and sports, that same passion is what he has had for sales since he was very young, an environment in which he has been 15 years. From a very young age he began working in customer service and this helped him discover his passion for sales. He began his graduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with Magna Cum Laude at Ana G Mendez University.

He started his Sales career in the food industry Plaza Provision Company at the age of 21 and was awarded Salesperson of the Year for 4 consecutive years. He achieved his first investment in Real Estate at the age of 23, motivating him to sell and acquire another property which aroused his passion for real estate, motivating him to enter this industry in 2018 with the Caribbean Realty firm where he stands out for his personalized service to his sellers and buyers clients sharing with the young people his experience that buying a home is the best investment he has made in his life.